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The Ecology Process


Those involved within the construction industry or land owners looking at land development may not be aware of the process that an Ecologist will take on. The process will normally begin with a discussion about the project aims and objectives which is often accompanied by a site location map and any planning/build proposals.

Once the ecologist has been appointed to carry out works, the process will general take the route as explained below throughout the year, with approvals and quote submissions often required at various stages. 

We often recommend to our clients that where reasonably practicable the preliminary ecological appraisals should be planned in at the beginning of the year in January / February or for projects that are due to commence the following year we recommend surveys are carried out toward the end of the year in October / November.

Please not that you may not require us to carry out all the above but we are more than happy to assist you with as many or as few of these stages as required.

The process usually follows the steps below:

  1. A site visit to carry out a preliminary ecological appraisal to identify whether protected species are likely to be present. 
  2. [January to February] Preliminary ecological appraisals can be carried out any time of year.   
  3. Prepare and submit preliminary ecological appraisal report to planning authority.
  4. A preliminary ecological appraisal will often be ready for submission within two weeks.
  5. Arrange and carry out further protected species surveys if recommended within the preliminary ecological appraisal.
  6. [February to November] depending on the protected species survey required survey will take place from February through to November
  7. Prepare and submit further protected species survey reports to planning authority
  8. A protected species report will often be ready for submission within two weeks.
    (If multiple protected species have been identified the submission of reports can take a little longer but often no longer than four weeks.)
  9. Prepare a mitigation strategy if need is identified within further protected species survey reports.
  10. A protected species report will often be ready for submission within two weeks
  11. Arrange and carry out mitigation strategy to specifications of t he agreed methodology.
  12. [January to December] depending on the protected species mitigation required survey will take place from January through to December. 
  13. Completion with final inspection.

For further detail on the precise survey and mitigation timings please see our Annual Ecological Survey and Mitigation Calendar or contact Richard, our Ecological Consultant on 07496 092413
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