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Arboricultural Consultancy

Arboricultural Consultancy

Our role is to promote the relationship of trees in our built environment, by increasing build space with engineering mitigation methods designed to boost trees and bio diversity with improved plating and management. We have three key stages which allow us to achieve this:

Pre-design (tree survey) - we advise and inform the client on any tree constraints. Work with the design team to outline possible build space around trees and how best to intergrade the proposal while retaining as many trees as possible.

Design (impact assessment) - we provide to all those viewing the submission sufficient information to reliably assess the proposed impact on retained tree(s). Provide consultation to the design team, Local planners on methods used to protect trees affected by the proposed development. Provide solutions on how to manage the development around retained tree(s).

Implementation (method statement) - the role changes to overseeing tree protection by ensuring retained trees are not damaged during construction. Attending site regularly to carry out checks, watching briefs and assist with the on-going protection works. Working alongside the main contractors to ensure all conditions are meet. 

We can also help with conflict resolution, legal advice and how best to approach trees in the development, how to work the proposal around retained trees.